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Award-Winning Virtual Assistant Services for Education Businesses

Behind every successful education business is a skilful business administrator.

Find out how I can give you the gift of time and get you back to doing the thing that makes you shine.

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Your time is too valuable to waste on business admin

How many clients are you missing out on because you simply don't have time to get away from fiddly administrative tasks?

How many times have you thought about getting support, but decided against it because you didn't have the time to explain how everything works?

Have you ever wished you could find someone who has worked in education to give you some assistance?

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With my help, you can...

  • Find the time to get back to doing what you love - the real reason you started your business.

  • Get help from someone who knows the education industry - no more need to waste time explaining it!

  • Have a creative, knowledgeable and productive partner who understands how important your business is - both to you and to the wider community.

  • Here's how...

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I've been where you are...

When I was teaching, I was always worrying about my to-do list, which was so long that I was never going to get through it!

I remember the feeling of anxiety that came with knowing that there was always more to do, and the feeling of guilt when I remembered that my own husband and children were missing out because I simply didn't have time to give to them.

More than anything, I remember the feeling of being overwhelmed, and knowing that the stakes were high because the stakes were the lives and futures of children.

Nowadays I use my 12+ years in education to help business owners like you to find time, shorten your to-do list, and lessen those feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

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Don't take my word for it...

"Katie has the ability to catch the dream, and help me communicate it."

Helen Woodward, Helen MG Consulting

"Can't recommend Katie enough.  Professional and full of ideas without being overpowering.  Already planning the next project."

C. Jarvis. Northwick Ltd.

"We're exceptionally proud to have Katie as part of our virtual workforce. She brings a whole new dynamic to our business and has minimised the admin time our team would have completed, leaving us free to develop client relationships and win new business"

James Butler-Fleming, Pride Support Ltd.

3 steps to time-saving and productivity



Let's have a chat about what's causing you pain and how I can help.



Together we will create a bespoke plan that addresses your (and your businesses) specific needs.



We'll agree on a package of hours, sign a contract and then the magic begins!

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