Helping VAs to get their Dubsado account up and running quickly.

Does running your VA business make you feel a bit like the Wizard of Oz?


To your clients you're the Great and Powerful Oz, VA extraordinaire, serving your people with creativity and dedication...

...but behind the curtain, you're frantically pulling levers, furiously peddling, and barely staying afloat.


You find yourself:

  • Spending all your time in your business trying to stay on top of back end processes instead of going out and finding new clients

  • Wasting time on repeatable processes that could be automated - if you could just find the time to work out how!

  • Starting to slip up and forget little things - as the business gets busier (yay), smaller tasks are beginning to fall through the cracks (booo).

  • Losing clients in the 'dead space' between a successful discovery call and the time it takes to onboard them.


Well, strap on your ruby slippers, Missus

because I'm going to set you on your feet with a done-for-you Dubsado setup service!

Just like a good witch should, I'm going to change the way you do business:

  • I'll get your Dubsado set up done, set and ready to roll in 2 weeks (ish - it's a bespoke service!)

  • I'll talk you through how Dubsado can work for you and your business.  I know all its little ins and outs, so I can usually find a way to get it to do most anything.

  • I'm going to help you to save time on the back-end of your business with automations - but crucially without losing the personalised, bespoke nature of your service (which is really important for us VA's)

  • I'll work with you to create an elevated client experience that is really going to set you apart from your competition.

  • I can make sure you can continue to scale and grow your business without the worry of things falling through the cracks - we'll build a system that will grow alongside your business.


I used to be where you are now...

When I started up my VA business, I wasn't all that busy, and so I didn't need systems - I could keep them all in my head.

Unfortunately, by the time I needed the systems, I was too busy to implement them!

  • I knew that automations could help me, but I didn't have the time to set the beggars up.

  • I was spending so much time on back-end processes that I hadn't the capacity to take on any new clients (SO wrong)

  • I was recreating the wheel every time I wrote an email or sent out an update/proposal/contract etc

  • When I did have the time for a discovery call, I was losing clients in that 'dead zone' between the successful call and getting all the paperwork (sending a proposal, getting it accepted, sending a contract, getting it signed, signing it, and sending it back, sending an invoice, waiting for it to be paid...) done.

And then I discovered Dubsado *cue angel voices*

Dubsado was the answer to my prayers.  It took all my processes and brought them under one roof.  And even better than that, it allowed me to automate them where it was appropriate.  And even better than THAT, it let me add those automations WITHOUT losing the personal level of service that is so important to a VA.

Only problem?

Something that customisable takes a LONG time to learn. I had some systems up and running within a week or two, but it's taken me the best part of a year of doing courses, reading the blog, hunting through Facebook groups and generally being a Dubsado GEEK to really work out the best way to make it work for me, and the way MY business runs.

Now, I'm offering you my expertise and my time to get your Dubsado set up to the level mine is now, but without the year's slog to work out how to do it.  

Sounds good, no?

We have a chat

We set up a call and I get the details I need to set up your account. We'll map your processes and discuss how it's going to work inside Dubsado.

I do my thang

You go be an awesome VA.  I'll build your system. I'll keep you updated as to where I'm at, and the whole process usually takes 2-3 weeks.

I fill you in

We have a final call (champagne optional). I show you around your sparkly new account. We record the call so that you have a reference tool, and I give you email support for 2 weeks afterward. Bosh!

Ready to find out more?

Let's talk!

Here's the thing...

I know that you want to be a VA who's as organised in her own business as she is for her clients.  In order to do that, you need to have systems in place that will scale and grow alongside your biz, and Dubsado is one of the most flexible tools currently on the market.

The problem is that with great flexibility comes a steep learning curve, and most VAs are too busy with their client work to ever set up Dubsado properly. If you've invested in Dubsado already that makes you feel frustrated because it's an expensive tool and you need to take advantage of all it has to offer! If you haven't invested yet, it makes you feel like Dubsado isn't the tool for you, because you won't have time to learn how to use it.

I believe that you deserve to have a CRM that works for you without having to put in hours of your own time setting it up.  I understand that having the right system set up in the right way can free up your time to take on more clients and to focus on growing your business because that's what Dubsado did for me!

So, here's the plan.

  1. We talk through your current business model and map out your client journey together (I'll use my wealth of experience to point out any ways that I see of streamlining it further). We use that map to work out how Dubsado will work for you and your business.  We'll decide if you want me to create the copy for you as well, or if you want me to use yours.

  2. You let me set the WHOLE thing up for you. All of it.  You go be awesome, and let me do my thang.  I'll send you regular updates and little Loom vids so you can see how it's all getting on.  I'll even make you some cool form headers and stuff in Canva so it all looks really pretty.

  3. Once it's set and ready to go, we'll book another call and I'll talk you through the system. We'll do some testing of it together because doing is the best way of learning and as an ex-teacher, I like a bit of hands-on educating! I'll record the call so you always have it to refer back to, and I'll give you email support for up to 2 weeks afterwards to make sure we iron out any little niggles that come up.

So, book in a call today and let's have a preliminary chat about how Dubsado could level up your biz, and how I can help you to achieve that.   With my help, you won't need to spend hours working out how to make Dubsado work for you, and instead you'll be able to focus on doing what you do best (being an AWESOME virtual assistant.).

Process Map

Just want the initial call and to hash out a process map that you can turn into a workflow yourself?  I can do that! We'll have an hour's call, which I'll record for you, and by the end you'll have a ready-made process map, and I'll write up the way I'd turn that into a work flow for you (you'll have to execute and test it yourself, though).

Basic Setup

I'll set the whole lot up for you. Includes 1 lead capture, canned emails and up to 3 other forms, for which you provide the copy. Also includes 1 workflow. We'll have a call at the outset to map your processes, and a call at the end so you can learn how it works, which I'll record for you so you have a reference tool. I'll also give you email support for up to 2 weeks afterwards.

The whole shebang

You gets the initial call, you gets the setup, you gets the forms, the emails, the workflow...but this time I write the copy for you too.