Achieve Inbox Zero!

  • Does the very idea of opening up your inbox and facing all those unread emails cause you anxiety?

  • Do you feel frustrated that you can't find the emails you're looking for at the click of a button?

  • Are you worried that you're going to miss an important lead because it will get buried in the pile of unwanted sales emails?


Keeping your inbox manageable is never done and dusted of course - it takes a daily task to keep it under control, but often it's the tidying up of all the stuff that's accumulated that is the thing we can't face, right?

Let me help you.

Take advantage of my power hour, where we'll screen share, and I'll talk you through how to go about sorting out that inbox and keeping it sorted long-term. 

You'll get a video of the session which you can keep as a reference tool, and I'll send you an action plan which will give you all you need to get that inbox under control.

If the idea of going through thousands of unwanted emails, sorting out folders, unsubscribing, and adding filters just isn't something that brings you joy, extend to my Power Hour Plus.


We'll have a 30-minute screen-sharing session at the beginning of the day where we talk through your inbox and decide how best to organise it.

Then (wonder of wonders) you get to go and have a cup of tea, or get on with a task which is going to push your business forward, and let me do all the leg work.

At the end of the day, we'll have another 30 minutes session (or I can send you a video if you'd prefer) where I'll talk you through what I did, how I got on, and where everything is.  If you choose the session then I'll record it so you always have a reference.

No matter which session you choose, by the end of it you'll have:

  1. The knowledge of how to achieve inbox zero and keep it that way.

  2. The feeling of empowerment that comes with knowledge.

  3. The ability to open up your inbox with a feeling of calm and purpose - no more anxiety!

  4. A well-organised inbox with a personalised set of filters and labels to make sure that what can be automated, is.

  5. A recording to refer back to if ever you need it.