6 ways to make sure your small business develops and grows.

All small business owners know that if you allow your business to stagnate, it will die. A business has to be able to be adaptable and flexible in order to succeed! This week I’ve been focusing on how outsourcing some of your more low-end (and high-effort) tasks can free you up to block out an hour or two a week to devote to developing your business. But how can you make sure you develop your business? What should you do with those extra hours?

Here are my top 6 thoughts:

1. Attend a networking event. One of the best things to come out of 2020 (limited stockpile, I know) was realising that meeting online could work just as well as physical meetings. All of a sudden, location became less of an issue. Of course, hopefully, we’ll be able to attend some ‘proper’ meetings as well this year, but I for one will continue to attend online ones, which have been a great way for me to grow my business this year!

2. Build your community. Especially for service-based industries, giving more than you take is an important thing to do. Not just because it will gain you clients (although that’s a huge part of it) but also because that’s how the world should work! This year some of the most fun I’ve had was doing a free webinar to show people how to write an effective annual business plan – and the feedback I got showed me that my people appreciated it too! This year I’m running more free webinars (details about the How to Find a Kick-Ass VA one are at the bottom of the blog) and I’ve set up a Perfectly Productive Facebook Group to share my productivity tips and to be a bit of an accountability partner to any small business owners who want to join! I’m also going to keep going with the Perfectly Productive Podcast which I began last year (new episode out this week, guys!)

3. Measure what’s working and what’s not. Hopefully, you all took advantage of my How to Write an Annual Business Plan webinar and have a plan for this year. It has overarching targets which are broken down into quarterly and monthly chunks. Keep going back to it. See what’s working. If it’s becoming obvious that one of your goals isn’t working, adjust it – or sit down and work out why it isn’t working and adjust that! Constant and consistent analysis is key.

4. Nurture and develop your relationship with existing clients. By far the easiest way to bring in more business is to offer new services to your current clients. This year I will be rolling out an email inbox organisation service and a Dubsado setup service, as well as a course. My beta testers? Current clients, of course! They’re already on your side, they already know how good you are – and I bet they’ll give you a cracking testimonial.

5. Understand your customers better. Do some research. Ask them some questions. Get to understand their needs really well. This is the key way to work out ways of diversifying your products and services, and it doesn’t hurt that a deep understanding of who your clients are will help you to market to new ones.

6. Outsource. Yeah, I know – I talked about it at the start, but I can’t emphasise how much of a difference it will make to you to work out which of the tasks you currently do are of the lowest value to you, and to outsource them. By doing this you give yourself the MOST valuable gift you can give when it comes to business development – time. If you can free up a morning each week to devote to your business and its development, you will be ina very good place indeed. Finding a VA can be hard though. There are the practicalities of making sure you get one who isn’t going to take your money and ghost you and knowing how much you can expect to pay, but there are other (arguably more important) questions about how to find the right VA for you and your working style. That’s why I’m offering a free webinar next week. I’m going to be answering all your burning questions about how to outsource – and how to know if you’re ready to do it!

Click here to find out more details about the free webinar and to access the workbook that goes alongside it!

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