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Do VAs need Dubsado?

One of the questions I see coming up time and time again in the VA community is “Do I really NEED to use Dubsado?”

I mean…no, of course you don’t “need” to use Dubsado. I started out my VA career with a domain name, half a website, and a contract I’d bought from Jo Munro at VA Handbookers. It wasn’t a highly thought-out system, and I still managed to get clients.


If you don’t need Dubsado as a VA, and can get along perfectly fine without it, why on earth should you bother to use it?

An excellent question, gentle reader, and one which I am going to answer for you now!

Behold! A list of reasons why, even though you don’t really “need” to buy Dubsado, you and your business will be LOADS better off by bringing it on board.

It will save you a boatload of time.

Like…it will save you SO much time it’s unreal. All those niggly little processes like emails, forms, invoices, and time tracking? All in one place! Yes, it will take time to get set up (unless you get someone to do it for you *waggles eyebrows furiously*), because with great systems come a great deal of shit to get done to make it work. But it’s sooo worth it, I promise.

Your onboarding process will be smoother than a car salesman covered in olive oil.

I promise you, I have had SO many clients compliment me on my onboarding process, and I smile and say thank you and act like it was on purpose but really? All Dubsado. They make the process really fast – and for VAs, whose main clients are people who are short on time – that makes an ENORMOUS difference.

Your forms will look really, really nice.

I know, never judge a book and all that but let’s face it, if you send your prospective client a proposal that looks gosh-darned blimmin’ brilliant, they will be about a million times more likely to accept it. It’s just true.

You can ditch a load of other software.

You can knock Calendly, Toggl, HelloSign and whatever invoicing software you use on the head. You can do it all from Dubsado. Amaze.

Automation. It is the bee’s knees. It’s the mutt’s nuts. It’s the dog’s…’s good.

Honestly, workflows are Dubsado’s secret superpower. They’re also the MOST under-utilised feature because they take some working on to get them going really well. It’s like anything that brings huge amounts of convenience and customisability. You have to work hard to make it go. I mainly use workflows at the beginning of my client’s journey, so that they can go from lead capture to scheduler to discovery call to signing that contract in the bare minimum amount of time and I am not exaggerating when I say that it has absolutely revolutionised my business. It could revolutionise your business too – you don’t need it but I’m telling you now, once you’ve got it you won’t want to give it up.

Listen, there are loads of reasons why Dubsado is great. I’ve had it for a year now, and I’m obsessed. I’ve done courses, I read blogs and I’ll be taking the accreditation when they release it later this year without question.

The fact is, a year into my small business journey, I still don’t “need” Dubsado. But I tell you what – you’ll have to prise it from my cold dead fingers because I’m not giving it up. Ever!

Are you trying to get your Dubsado set up but struggling to optimise it because of the steep learning curve? Have you got all the forms and stuff done but haven't made it round to sorting out workflows yet? I offer fully personalised packages especially to VAs to help them get their Dubsado up and running to the best of its capability, and I can do it for you too. Have a peep at my website, and if it looks like something you'd like to delve further into, book a free call, dude!

If you're not quite there yet, or just want to join in a community of other VAs who are using Dubsado to run their biz, jump on over to Facebook and join the group, y'all!

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